Kits & Gears

7 Walking Gear Essentials

Whether you are going for a long walk or just going out for a stroll at a nearby park, here are some of the best gears to have.

Walking shoes or sandals
The right footwear is one of the must-haves for walking. Invest on a good pair of comfortable walking shoes or sandals that have superior grip.

Walking pole
A walking pole can help in providing more stability and support when you experience fatigue especially on long treks. You can opt for an adjustable and lightweight pole for added convenience.

Breathable and waterproof jacket
A breathable and waterproof jacket keeps you dry when you get caught in the rain during your walks. Look for a lightweight and water-resistant jacket that you can easily fit into a small rucksack.

Water bottle
Choose a durable water bottle that will not break or bend when dropped accidentally.

Use a light and durable rucksack or backpack that you can use to put your other walking essentials like water, snacks, jacket, and more.

Pick comfortable socks that provide ample protection and circulation to your feet. You can also get socks that will keep your feet comfortable at all times regardless of the heat or cold.

Walking pants
A quick-dry, soft, and breathable walking pants can go a long way in keeping you comfortable, especially on long walks.